2011 Cardinal Blogger Awards
This is the fifth year for the CBAs and we're trying something a little different to mix it up. There will be a "fan vote" portion of the final tally, with the total responses from this form counting as one ballot in the tabulations.
Name *
Some sort of identifying handle, either your name or what you may go by on message boards or as a blog commenter.
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Where did you find out about this (i.e., post at PH8, Dathan7's Twitter feed)?
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Award 1
Cardinal Player of the Year
Award 2
Cardinal Pitcher of the Year
Award 3
Regular Season Game of the Year
Award 4
Post-Season Game of the Year
Award 5
Surprise Player of the Year
Award 6
Disappointing Player of the Year
Award 7
Cardinal Rookie of the Year
Award 8
Pre-Season Acquisition of the Year
Award 9
Mid-Season Acquisition of the Year
Award 10
Most Anticipated Cardinal
Award 11
Best Individual Cardinal Blog (written mainly by one person)
Your answer
Award 12
Best Team Cardinal Blog (written by two or more people)
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Award 13
Best Professional Cardinal Blog
Award 14
Best Rookie Cardinal Blog (began December 1, 2010 or later)
Award 16
Best UCB Project
Award 17
Most Optimistic Cardinal Blog
Your answer
Award 18
Best UCB Podcast
Award 19
Best UCB Twitterer
Your answer
Award 20
Best Fake Cardinal Twitter Account
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