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Please read and type in your name if you agree to these terms: I agree to pay the amount I’ve selected in my plan for 7 months, from January to July, with the understanding that if I wish to make any changes or cancel, I must give 30 day's notice. In subscribing to my plan of choice, I acknowledge and accept that Coach Flash will be competing at various competitions locally, Nationally and Worldwide, and may be absent for as many as 18 classes in a year’s time. In some scenarios, practice will consist of a workout that will be done without the assistance of Coach Flash, or with a substitute coach, but the workout will be provided for the group to do. In rare cases of really bad weather, practice may be cancelled or postponed. I willingly accept this monthly charge, knowing I might encounter an illness, injury or go on vacation. I know that I am under no obligation to show up for as many classes being held each month, and accept that there are no refunds for missed classes. Missed classes do not carry over from one month to the next. *
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