Poker Face by Cybill Cain
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They say rich guys have it all, but Brandon Davies would not agree. For him life has been an endless series of empty relationships and parties that have led him to put his heart away, and give up on love once and for all. As his thirtieth birthday approaches he starts to feel that even with the world at his fingertips, he’s missed out on all the things that truly make life exciting. That is until he meets Thomas Meenan, who makes him an offer that Brandon can’t refuse. A one night erotic high stakes poker game. He’ll bet his entire future on his ability to keep his head in the game while simultaneously deflowering a virgin.

Camille Jones has lost her job, her bank account has been hacked and her mother is about to be evicted from her care facility because Camille’s last check bounced. She has nowhere left to turn until Thomas Meenan offers a onetime chance to make a hundred and seventy five thousand dollars in a single night. All she has to do is let a man she’s never met take her virginity in a room full of strangers while playing cards.

When these two meet the sparks fly, but can they keep their poker faces long enough to win the game that will secure both their futures, or will it all prove to be too much for them to handle?

Put the cat outside, put the phone on silent, lock the doors and tuck yourself in for the hilarious hot sexy ride of a life time as these two risk everything to win the life they’ve always dreamed of having.

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