JPCF Sliding Scale Application
This scholarship is for both members interested in joining our community, as well as current members of our community. Please read the following about the scholarship and then complete the application below as comprehensively as you can. This is an opportunity for you to share your story/situation with us so that we can recommend an appropriate sliding scale membership.

How the scholarship Works:

We have dedicated a certain amount of monies towards providing discounted memberships. This pot is funded in part by generous donations from athletes, and by our owner. Everyone who has applied for and is chosen for a sliding scale gets offered a different membership rate based on what they request and what’s left in the pot at that time. If folks require more financial assistance, the pot grows smaller and what we can offer to others is limited. Conversely, when folks are able to pay more, then more money is left in the pot for others. In order for the system to work, it requires that folks are honest about what they need and we try to meet them with what we have. Folks may be put on a waitlist if we do not have sufficient funds to meet their needs, and will be notified if funds open up.

Scholarship Requirements:

We require that recipients attend at least 10 classes a month (average of 2-3 classes a week), especially since these are unlimited memberships valued at $220/month. We do a monthly attendance check, along with a 1 month check-in, followed by a 6 month re-assessment to see if folks can pay more or need to adjust their rate (again based on what funds are left). Athletes can attend regular WOD classes, Community classes, Oly and Power lifting classes, as well as Open Gyms to satisfy attendance requirements.

1 Month Probation:
If folks are not averaging at least 10 classes a month, they will be put on probation for the following month. During this point, athletes will meet with coaches to discuss what assistance they might need or changes they might need in order to make it in. If we do not see an improvement in attendance after the 1 month probation, athletes will be removed from the sliding scale and the monies dedicated to them are then offered to folks on the waitlist. Athletes are welcome to re-apply, however, they may not be offered the same or any rate depending on funding availability at the time, or depending on strength of application.

The Actual process For New Members

Step 1: Free trial
If you are new to the gym, we will ask you to join us for a Free trial. If you enjoy your experience we will then proceed to look at what we can offer you in terms of sliding scale membership. We will then make an INITIAL OFFER. If what we can offer you works, then we will proceed to the next step: Fundamentals. We are still not committed to each other at this point.
Step 2: Fundamentals
New folks to the gym will be given a free fundamentals course during which they trial with us to decide if the gym and athlete are good fits for each other. Fundamentals is a 2 week course whereby athletes come on Monday and Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings to learn about CrossFit and figure out if they want to proceed with membership. This also gives us an opportunity to evaluate athletes, their attendance, and their interest.  If we're a good fit these folks will be offered the sliding scale membership rate we proposed before beginning fundamentals. Your rate is locked in for 6 months (attendance withstanding) after which we will revisit and figure out if you would like to renew.
For Current Members:
For current members who are selected, we will offer a sliding scale membership for 6 months after which we will also revisit. Current members are subject to the same requirements of 10 classes/month and can be subject to a probation period if not meeting attendance requirements.
The Application: For all athletes
We will review sliding scale membership applications around the 15th of each month and will contact you after the review has taken place (before the 1st of the next month).
We have limited availability (in terms of funding) for sliding scale members. Here are a few considerations we make when selecting members for scholarship:
    - A thoughtfully-filled out application.
    - Someone who is willing to commit to 3+ workouts per week
    - Priority will be given to Black, Indigenous, People of Color and Trans people.
A majority of our members are White or Queer, so those identifiers will not take priority at this time.
There are a limited amount of dollars available each month, so please keep that in mind when you complete your application.

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What identities do you hold that you would like to share with us? Are you LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, AAPI, disabled, neurodivergent, something else?
What racial identifiers do you use?
Membership Levels
Other considerations when selecting your level:
Consider paying less on the scale if you:
- are supporting children or have other dependents
- have significant debt
- have medical expenses not covered by insurance
- receive public assistance
- have immigration-related expenses
- are an elder with limited financial support
- are an unpaid community organizer
- have been denied work due to incarceration history

Consider paying more on the scale if you:
- own the home you live in
- have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money
- travel recreationally
- have access to family money and resources in times of need
- work part time by choice
- have a relatively high degree of earning power due to level of education (or gender and racial privilege, class background, etc.)
Select your level below
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What are your fitness, health, and wellness goals right now?
Can you commit to working out in the gym 2-3 or more times per week (with specialty, community, and open gym as attendance options)?
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For folks who are new to the community, why now? What is present in your life that makes you interested in the JPCF community? (if not relevant, skip question)
For folks who are new to the community, what barriers have prevented you from joining a gym in the past? How do you hope that JPCF can help remove these barriers? (if not relevant see next question)
For folks who are currently part of the JPCF community, what barriers are preventing you continuing with us as you are? How do you hope JPCF can help remove or ease these barriers?
When you've been a member of a gym in the past, what did you like about it? What didn't you like? What do you hope we can do to address these things?
How can we best support you specifically to feel safe, comfortable, and cared for in our space?
Is there anything you shared on this form that you'd like to have us follow up about?
Is there anything else you would like to add?
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