Aesthetic Injector Education
The demand for aesthetic injecting keeps on growing. Several 1-day or 2-day courses are available for a quick turnout. Many leave feeling very empowered to start injections, only to have a few days, weeks, or months go by and they feel as if they don't know anything. Aesthetic injecting is more than just picking up a needle, reconstituting some Botox, and priming a needle. You truly need a base foundation. There is no program to date that will deliver that to you..... UNTIL NOW!

Who is this for: Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and other medical and spa professionals looking to understand the basics of injecting. Professionals who are looking to create the perfect consultation to deliver the best results to their patients. Professionals who are focused on safety and delivering a quality product time and time again. Professionals who are ready to uplevel their skills and become the next sought after injector. 

What do you get:
Intro to Tox & Filler: A virtual course covering the basics of facial anatomy, upper face injecting, the difference between the 4 major brands (Botox, Dysport, Jeauveau, Xeomin). We will discuss all aspects of injecting neurotoxin, reconstituting it, on label and off label uses. You also get an introduction to HA Fillers and so much more! Best of all you get a mentor in the world of aesthetics! (priceless) You do not have to be licensed to take the Intro course. $975

Hands On In Person Training: Ratio of 1:3 training with instructor. Models are provided for class. Done for you resources to assist in starting in this industry. This is a 6-8 hour hands on training session. At the completion of the hands on training clinical hours are available for you to gain additional experience. After the completion of clinical hours you are eligible for staffing placement consideration. $3500


There is no hands on injecting within the intro to Tox & Filler course. It is your responsibility to understand the prescribing rules and regulations in regards to Cosmetic injectables in your state or country. We make no claims about specific products and the information learned is that of personal opinion only and not medical advice. Additionally, taking this program does not give you authority to begin injecting, start your practice, etc. You will need to check with the state you live in as to your applicable laws. Currently, only licensed Indiana medical professional are able to participate in the hands on and clinical hours portion of training.

Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants will have the option to purchase hands on training at the conclusion of the intro to tox & filler. Current hands on training is for medical professionals licensed in the state of Indiana. This is a separate fee that is made available to you once the course is completed. (Sorry we do not offer any hands on training unless the basics has been completed and you are a licensed professional)

Licensed Medical Professional outside the state of Indiana will have the option for 1:1 training at your facility that is made available at the completions of the intro course for a separate fee.

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