Ware Lab Tour Request Form
You will need to fill this out for every tour request, however, if you would like multiple tours on the same day or would prefer to email us directly please feel free to use our email: warelabtours@gmail.com

Also please keep in mind our tours are all student led, we will do our best to accommodate all the times that you would like, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.

If we are unable to provide a guide you are welcome to do a self-guided tour. Feel free to talk with students in their project bays. They are the best representatives when discussing competition and project details. Project posters are located outside of each cage explaining specifics.

Tour maps are located in the showroom on the table underneath the plasma TV. Signs with numbers corresponding to those shown on the map are posted throughout the lab to help guide you through the facility. If you have not heard from anyone regarding your survey submission before your visit, Please email warelabtours@gmail.com
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