Walnut Hills Grocery Survey
Kroger plans to close the Walnut Hills store sometime in March, 2017. On the day they leave, our neighborhood will become a food desert. We want to know how likely you would be to use certain types of stores and food delivery systems.
A smaller grocery store (fewer selections but reasonably-priced, like Aldi’s)
A cooperatively-owned grocery operated by residents (like Clifton Market)
A food market (a butcher shop, deli, produce stand & bakery sharing a space)
A big-box national chain store (like Target or Meijer)
What services did you use at the Walnut Hills Kroger? (select all that apply)
Grocery Pickup (Pre-order your food online or in-person and pick up nearby)
Community Supported Agriculture (buy shares to receive a year-round supply of local produce that you would pickup nearby on certain days/times)
A farmer’s market operating one weekday evening and one weekend day
A pedal cart that sells food at different locations during the growing season
A food truck that sells fruit and veggies purchased from a wholesaler
An Amazon Prime Now or Uber grocery delivery system (added delivery fee)
What other types of food stores or grocery delivery would you like to have here?
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How far do you travel now to shop at the Walnut Hills Kroger?
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How do you usually travel there?
How often do you usually grocery shop?
What is your age?
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Are you a WIC/SNAP/EBT card user?
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