2019 Annual Survey
Thank you for taking this anonymous survey! There are 14 questions that should take you approximately 3 minutes to complete. This survey drives our mission and helps direct our Strategic Plan. Your input and feedback is gold!
1. What county do you live in? *
2. In what age category is the individual or individuals with a disability in your family?
3. If school-aged, what school does the individual with a disability in your family attend?
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4. How did you hear about WWVDN?
5. How are you being supported in your community? (Choose all that apply)
6. Are you familiar with Parent to Parent?
7. How have Parent to Parent or WWVDN programs affected your family's quality of life?
8. What is your favorite activity offered by WWVDN or Parent to Parent?
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9. If we offered a social club that met for an hour twice a month, what amount would you be willing to pay each month to attend?
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10. What do you use the most on the website (wwvdn.org)?
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11. Have you shared the website (wwvdn.org) with anyone?
12. Of the programs WWVDN provides, which would you like to see more of? (Check all that apply)
13. Is there a need that WWVDN is not addressing that you wish it would?
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14. If Special Olympics offered a basketball program, would you be interested in becoming involved?
If you are interested in volunteering for WWVDN, please visit our website (wwvdn.org) and sign up under the "How To Help" heading.
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