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Greetings. I have initiated a study to explore the extent of fake/false news on the Internet. Please use this form to report fake or false news found on traditional websites and/or in social media postings. For the purposes of this study, fake or false news means specific content that you believe to be false but that is pretending to be true. This does not include obvious parody or satire -- those should not be reported. URLs (Internet addresses beginning with http:// or https://) from anywhere in the world may be reported, but for now please only report materials that are in English, and that can be accessed publicly without any login being required. All inputs on this form may be released publicly after verification as part of this project, with the exception of your (optional) name and email address, which will be kept private and will not released or used for any purposes beyond this study. This form may be reached via or Thank you for participating in this study to better understand the nature and scope of fake/false news on the Internet.
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