COGA Research Documents 
Thank you for taking time to share how you are using - or might use - research documents  from the Cognitive Accessibility Task Force (COGA). They are:
Purpose of this survey
  • To make the next version of our research documents as useful as possible, we would like to understand how the current documents are used, and what might be missing.
  • We use our research documents to make Making Content Usable for People with Cognitive and Learning Disabilities, a supplemental note for WCAG, but if others are using our research as well, then we should publish updates etc. 
Survey length
  • This survey is 5 pages long, and each page has about 4 questions.
  • The time it will take to fill out the survey:  The survey may take just a few minutes, or it may take an hour to fill out. This will depend on how much you want to share. 
  • As long as you keep the form open on your computer, you can fill it out over a number of sittings and days, and submit it when you are ready.
Participation is voluntary
  • Your participation in this survey is voluntary. You do not need to participate.
  • If you decide to start participating in this survey, you may stop at any time.
  • Most of the questions are optional. You may skip over them. If you don’t want to answer a required question, close the web page to exit the survey.
  • You will not be compensated for completing the survey.
  • Participation is open to anyone over 18 years old.
About your personal information
  • There is very little risk to you from completing this survey.
  • The survey is anonymous. It collects only the information you enter, and any information that would identify you (such as your email address) is entirely optional.
  • Information from the survey may be published on the Web, which is available to anyone. But any personal information you choose to enter into the survey will never be published. The only people who will see personal information are the subgroup members (researchers).
Agreement to participate

Responding to the survey questions indicates that you understand the information regarding participation in this survey, and that you agree to participate. This does not waive your legal rights nor release the researchers from their legal and professional responsibilities to protect your privacy.

If you do not want to complete the survey, close this web page.

This survey  will close 30th November 2022. 

Thank you  in advance for your feedback! We appreciate your time.
Questions? Please contact us at

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