Pledge to Welcome Refugees in Texas

As concerned Texans, we take the pledge to continue welcoming and supporting refugees in our state. Right now, refugee families from all over the world are fleeing violence and political persecution and are in dire need for the opportunity to rebuild their lives in safety. Texans have a long tradition of welcoming the sojourner among us and we recognize that we are stronger for it. We join together to ask Governor Abbott and members of the Texas legislature to support policies that demonstrate hospitality and welcome refugees in our state.

Why is this important?

We are witnessing the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II; the number of people forcibly displaced worldwide is likely to have surpassed a record 60 million. Refugees are individuals who have been welcomed to the United States after fleeing extreme violence and persecution. As Texans, many of us have welcomed refugee families, heard their stories, and understand the moral commitment to the life-saving work of resettlement.

Texas has a proud legacy of welcoming refugees, and we recognize the valuable contributions refugees bring to our communities and economy. In Texas, refugees are taxpayers, consumers, business owners, and leaders in a broad range of industries across the state.

Our state is better because of our proud history of refugee resettlement. Refugees have played a leading role in shaping Texas into the strong and vibrant state it is today. When we welcome innocent people who have fled their homes in order to save their lives and start over in safety and freedom, we are also strengthening our local communities and making our state and country stronger.

We take the pledge to continue welcoming and supporting refugees during this critical time. We have a moral obligation to welcome families from all over the world who are fleeing unimaginable circumstances. Resettling more refugees as the world experiences the largest numbers since World War II is fundamental to who we are as Texans and places us on the right side of history.

Today, we urge Governor Abbott and all members of the Texas legislature to make the commitment to continue welcoming and supporting refugees in our state.

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