Krispy Kreme Sales Database
YOU (not the customer) fill this form out AFTER they have paid you! Make sure the amount you enter into the form is an exact match with the amount of money you have collected in your envelope (otherwise you can expect a fun conversation with one of the mentors)

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Team member (your) name (first and last) *
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Customer name (first and last) *
If it's a group purchase, list one name, that name is the person who will pick up the donuts, get their contact info
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Customer phone number *
So you can text or call to remind them about drop off day
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Customer Email Address *
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Number of boxes they want *
$10 per box or 5 dollars off of every purchase over $50 (5 boxes=$45 or 6 boxes=$55 you get the idea)
Total price of order *
Just numbers, no dollar signs, no decimals. PLZ DO THE MATH RIGHT
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Did Customer pay the amount due? Is that amount in your envelope? *
They have to pay for you to fill this from out, you must physically have the money in your envelope to hit the submit button below!
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