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Thank you for sharing your group's information with us. We collect and share information about different types of writers groups in the Portland, Oregon area, including critique groups and support groups for writers.

We may contact you from time to time to see that the information that we have here is still up to date. Please feel free to let us know about any changes.

By submitting the information in this form and its future updates you agree that the information will be shared publicly on the Willamette Writers website and in other forms of communication that Willamette Writers may use. That's the point of posting the information here, isn't it?

Willamette Writers reserves the right to select which groups it advertises on the site and beyond. We may choose to remove the critique groups pages in the future without notice (though, we will try to avoid doing so, because we believe this is important service to our local writing community).

Questions? Comments? Contact us at pdx@willamettewriters.org

Good luck and happy writing!

Kate and Bill

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