Volunteer Registration 2023 - 2024
Thank you for volunteering in the Melrose Public Schools. Volunteers make our schools and community stronger, and we appreciate you!!

This registration form is for the 2023 - 2024 school year.

As a volunteer of The Bridge: A School/Community Partnership working in the Melrose Public Schools, you will be subject to a code of ethics similar to that which binds the professional staff. You will be assuming certain responsibilities and need to be accountable for them. You need to understand the importance of confidentiality, and agree to keep confidential any information you learn about students or their families, teachers, or staff.

Thus, prior to volunteering, you must read the confidentiality and ethics code, and confirm that you have read it:  https://tinyurl.com/BridgeConfidentialityCode  This link will be at the end of the application as well, and you will be asked to acknowledge that you have read it before submitting your application.

Before volunteering in the schools you must complete this form and have a valid CORI on file with The Bridge. If you are not sure if you have a CORI on file, or have any questions about volunteering or need any assistance, please email The Bridge's Coordinator Lisa Lewis at llewis@melroseschools.com.

**Please review all information carefully before clicking the submit form button**
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The general email list includes occasional announcements of district level volunteer opportunities, updates and news about our work, and announces our fundraisers. 
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Volunteer Interest Information
Tell us more about which schools you'd like to work in/with, and what kinds of volunteer opportunities interest you. 
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If yes, which school/s?
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If there is a need, would you be willing to work at another school?
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If you have a preference, with which grades are you interested in working? (e.g., any; older elementary and middle school; preK - 2nd; etc.)
If known, in what volunteer position/s are you planning or would you like to work? (e.g., virtual presentation, capstone mentor, library, field day, etc.)
What kind of time commitment are you interested in?
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Why do you want to volunteer? (e.g., to share my knowledge/expertise, to help teachers, to help students/families, to build community connection, to spend time in my child's school)
Are you comfortable with virtual volunteering? (Most virtual opportunities will involve using Google Meet/Zoom or recording yourself and sharing the recording; some may be via phone/voice chat or instant messaging.)
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Do you have any special skills, experience, or interests that you would be willing to share?
Please share details! This helps us match you with volunteer opportunities -- the more you tell us, the more likely we are to contact you with volunteer opportunities that closely match your skills and knowledge. 
Occupation/s (past and/or present)
Science (health, engineering, physics, etc.)
English language arts (writing, dramatic arts, marketing, advertising, public speaking, etc.)
Social studies (history, archaeology, politics, geography, economics, etc.)
Global language or culture
Art (graphic art, art history, visual arts, performing arts, etc.)
Technical (a/v, computers, etc.)
Other areas
Do you speak any foreign languages?
If yes, which languages?
Volunteer Experience
Have you volunteered through The Bridge before? *
If yes, in what capacity?
If you are not a parent, grandparent, or custodial caregiver of a Melrose Public Schools student, please list three references and their contact information.
If email is unavailable or unknown, please list a phone number.
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Confidentiality code and guidelines for volunteers
***All volunteers must read and accept the confidentiality code and guidelines for volunteers.*** 

After you have read the document, please check the acceptance box below, and answer the questions (these questions demonstrate that you have read the document).

If you need translation, have questions, or need other assistance, please email llewis@melroseschools.com. If you would prefer not to answer the questions, and would prefer to verbally discuss the document/attend a training instead, please add your email to the line in the first question, and put an 'X' in the other lines.

Accept confidentiality code and guidelines for volunteers agreement. *
What is the MPS 'chain of command'? *
Who can I speak with if I have concerns or questions about something I noticed while volunteering? *
I would like to speak to my child's teacher about my child or about an idea for a volunteer project. May I do that while I'm already at school, volunteering in the classroom? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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