Frameline Youth in Motion: K-12 School Registration Form
Since 2008, Youth In Motion has offered free LGBTQ films and curriculum to student groups and educators in middle and high schools across the country. Register now to receive our 2018 collection, "Creating Home: Queer Identities, Families, and Spaces," featuring the films "Deep Run" and "Walk For Me." Complete the below form to receive this free resource. 
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If you are a student registering your GSA, student group, or school, you must provide the contact information for a faculty advisor. If we do not receive a faculty name and email, then we can not ship your DVD. If you are a faculty member, you may add an additional contact or skip these questions.
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In registering my school or student group for this program, I agree to the following program requirements:
1) Use the Youth In Motion DVDs only for screenings and activities at my school (K-12 only), and agree to not charge admission for screenings, duplicate or sell the DVDs, or use the DVDs for any other purpose.
2) Complete Frameline's online survey after I have used the 2018 films and resources, to provide Frameline with feedback to help improve the program and for funding requirements to keep the program available for free. Survey link (to complete only AFTER using the 2018 collection):
3) As allowed by my school, distribute and collect student surveys, provided by Frameline, with students participating in the Youth In Motion film screenings and activities and send completed surveys back to Frameline to help improve the program and for funding requirements to keep the program available for free.
4) As allowed by my school and as appropriate, take photos at my film screenings and activities, secure releases of anyone photographed, and share with Frameline and provide rights to use in communications materials. Note: this is not required as we understand it might not be possible and respect if participants want confidentiality, but it is highly encouraged when possible and appropriate.
5) Work with students and teachers at my school to screen the films in classrooms, assemblies, GSA meetings, and/or other in school or after-school activities, as possible.
6) Review the Discussion Guide and Curriculum for lesson plans and student group activities to consider if the materials can help support your film screening(s), conversations, and/or activities. Download the 2018 materials here (also included as a PDF on your DVD): 
7) Find an appropriate venue to store the DVDs to ensure maximum usability and accessibility (ie. school library, media center, a classroom, etc.).
8) Keep my school’s or GSA’s contact information and film preferences up-to-date. Email us if your contact information or address changes:
By checking the box, I am confirming my agreement to all of the program requirements above. *
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