August 2019 Tango Mango Booking Form
The only spaces still available are to locals in the evenings - please get in touch via email with me if you'd like to book these. There will be no drop-in option, everyone has to book in advance!

You cannot use this booking form anymore to reserve a space!


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Your Dance Pass(es)
You can mix and match Dance Passes according to the number of days you spend at the Mango (e.g. a 4 day stay would be a 3 Day Dance Pass plus a 1 Day Dance Pass).
Locals within 10 miles of the Tango Mango can also opt for the evening only dance pass.
The dance passes start from Saturday August 17th.
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Private lessons £50 for 55 minutes
Private lesson teachers this year are: Natalia, Agustin, Ines, Siobhan and Korey. You can request to book private lessons, stating your preference of teacher, date and time.
Please check availability here:

We will try our best to accommodate your requests.

It is also possible to do this via E-mail at a later stage, or wait until you are at the Mango and see what spaces are still available... though we advise you to book, to avoid disappointment.

Please state your preference of teacher, date and time for your private lesson
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****Food and Accommodation****
On-Site Accommodation
The Facilities are basic. Please bring everything you need to Camp or Dorm (bedding, towels, breakfast stuff etc.). Basic shower facilities are available.
Let's face it, this is for the hardy ones among us, but they always seem to enjoy themselves tremendously!
The Dorms are the class rooms of Hood Barn, a beautiful Straw-bale building.
For more info, prices and also accommodation off-campus, check out the following link:
Food, Glorious Food! - Lunch @ £8, Dinner @£6
Twice a day, we provide wonderfully wholesome, vegetarian food. For more info, look on the web site
This year, we have two head-chefs, supported by a crew of helpers.

Please note: This year, for those who stay on-campus, the price includes one meal per day! (A day at the Mango goes from 10am till 10am the following morning!)

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I'll stay overnight on campus the following nights:
It's a good idea to keep a record of your booking form - please print it out BEFORE submitting it!
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