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I give consent for my son/daughter's membership of Manchester BMX Club, I agree that my son/daughter will abide by the rules set out in both the Club's Constitution and the Code of Conduct, as will any parent/carer/family member attending. I also agree that Manchester BMX Club, it's Officials, Agents or Associates, have no liability for loss of property, accidents or injuries to my son/daughter however so caused. I agree to notify the Club of any medical condition that may effect my child's ability to safely participate in BMX events or training sessions. I further agree that in my absence, should my child require medical attention as a result of any injury sustained during a club activity, consent to treatment may be authorised by a club official.
I confirm the above information is accurate and agree to abide by the rules of Manchester BMX Club *
Details of the club code of conduct can be found here http://www.manchesterbmx.co.uk/index.php/code-of-conduct
If the rider is under 16, please provide the name of a parent or guardian
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