Welcombe Community Shop
Welcome to Welcombe Community Shop's online ordering form.

Please note that during the Coronavirus crisis the shop is closed to customers and all orders will be taken through this online form or phoned in. The latest information on shop open hours can be found on the shop website:


Please also note that the shop is not accepting cash or credit card payments currently. All payments should be made by BACS to the shop immediately after you receive your order. Any delay in payment may delay any future orders. The Welcombe Community Shop bank details are:

Account Number: 01167481
Sort Code: 09-01-56

Due to the level of trust that the shop is operating on, orders can only be placed by residents in Welcombe, Meddon, Southole and Bursdon Moor area. If you are unknown to the shop staff we may need to verify you are resident in the area before accepting your order.

The following pages ask you for your details and then take you through the products the shop has available for sale. Any blank quantities will be assumed to be zero.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use your browser or phone 'back' button while choosing your order. Doing so risks losing your order information. Only use the 'Next' or 'Back' buttons at the bottom of each page.

Click 'Next' to move to the next page, 'Back' to the previous one. On the last page (Pet and Bird Food) make sure you click 'Submit' otherwise we will not receive your order. You will receive an email with details of your order once it is submitted.

Please be aware that the ordering process will take 10-15 minutes as you will be asked to browse the shops areas. Once you are familiar with the process you will find it much quicker next time!

There are instructions in the email on how you can edit your order if you change your mind. This must be completed by 11pm on the evening before you have requested collection or delivery.

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