Want to be part of an XR Group closer to home?
Hello and welcome. You are interested in getting in touch with other like minded rebels in your neighbourhood.

Your role in XR is important. People like you are reaching out to meet up with other rebels wanting to make a difference. It’s people like you who care about the climate and ecological crisis we face who are going to make a difference to the future and to build a future we are proud to live in and to pass on to future generations.

Local groups are absolutely essential to carrying out the work of XR to raise the understanding of the climate emergency, grown participation and stop business as usual.

Please fill out the form below to connect with other local rebels. We will connect you with other local people and the resources needed to get XR off the ground near you. Fill out the form below and we'll connect you with resources and amazing people to help you get XR off-the-ground near you.
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