MSP Academy 2018 Quiz
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What was the name of the project you created in the MSP Academy last June?
What was/were the names of you teacher partners? *
Have you completed this project with your students? *
In your own words, what were/are your student learning goals for this project? *
If your students have completed the project, what did they learn? or, If it students have not completed the project, what are your anticipations of what they will learn? *
When you talk about your project to other teachers what are you going to say? *
Have you used or other internet based communication tools outside this classroom? *
Please list the internet communication tools you use starting with your favorite and ending with your least favorite. *
In October, we used TinkerCad and SketchFab. What is the name of the object you created? What is the internet address of that object? (If you completed the assignment, you will be able to find this information in the MSP Academy.) *
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