Obituary Template
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First Name
Middle Name/Nickname
Last Name (Include Unmarried Name If Applicable)
City and State of Residence
Date of Death
Location of Death
Full Name of Deceased
Location of Birth
Parent's Names
Date of Birth
Name of High School
Year of High School Graduation
College Degree
College Degree Year
Name of College/University
Advanced Degree
Advanced Degree Year
Name of Advanced Study Institution
Company of Employment
Years of Profession
Survived By
List surviving relatives as follows: [Relation], [Name] of [City]. Include spouse, children, siblings, parents, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, etc.
Preceded in Death By
List desceased relatives as follows: [Relation], [Name] of [City]. Include spouse, parents, children and siblings.
House of Worship
Funeral Location
Funeral Date and Time
Officiant Name
The name of the officiant for funeral services at the house of worship if applicable
Cemetery Name
Cemetery Location
Funeral Home
Visitation Location
Visitation Date and Times
Memorial Donations to the Following
A list of organizations where donations may be sent in honor of the deceased.
With Gratitude
A list of organizations or individuals to be thanked by name.
Final Words
Final words or reflections on the life of the deceased or their wishes.
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