Teen Summer Library Program Volunteer Application
Apply here to become a regular summer volunteer at the Columbus Public Library. Applications are due Friday, April 26th. Volunteers will help prep, set up, assist, and clean up summer kids programs. Shifts will be Tuesdays from 12:45-3:00, Thursdays from 2:45-5:00, and/or Fridays depending on schedules. If accepted to the volunteer program, you will choose which day to commit to volunteering and that will be "your day" throughout the program. You must be able to volunteer for 7 of the 10 weeks of the Summer Library Program to be eligible. For example, you might pick Tuesdays to volunteer, and you will be expected to help out with at least 7 of the 10 Tuesdays of the summer. That would provide you approximately 16-23 service hours for the summer to put on future resumes or add to service club memberships. Additional shifts such as the kick off and end of summer events also available. Teens entering grades 6-12 are encouraged to apply.
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