Green Party of Oklahoma - Membership Data Form
This form is intended for three groups of people: (1) people who want to join the Green party for the first time, (2) people who have been members of the Green party in the past (either in Oklahoma or elsewhere), but who want to ensure that the state party has their contact information, and (3) other people who would like the GPOK to have their contact information, receive newsletters, etc.

All information on this form may be used by the Green Party for political/activist organizing efforts but will not be shared outside the party without your consent.

GPOK MEMBERSHIP POLICES: According to our bylaws, "Any resident of Oklahoma who affirms support for the party and general agreement with its Ten Key Values by filling out a membership form and/or has registered as a Green Party voter, if legally possible, shall be considered a member of the GPOK. No person shall be denied membership in the GPOK for reason of prior criminal conviction, age, or nationality."

Please note: The GPOK does not currently have ballot access in Oklahoma, so you can NOT register Green on your voter registration. Many Greens in Oklahoma choose to register Independent.
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