The Border Collective's Anonymous Question Counter for Hearing You Out
The Border Collective aka Justine wants to make sure that we're creating content and tools that help out our audience throughout every stage of job hunting. To do that, we wanted to ask for your questions and insights on what we should focus on for the next 3 months.

If it's not too much trouble, please answer this google form as honestly as possible! Everything you write will be used to influence what Justine does with TBC between June-August!

Ask here about anything you want to know about job hunting (like resumes, interviews, cover letters, etiquette, etc.) and the formats or mediums you want to receive the answers! Sky's the limit here.

And if you're game to talk about your answers a bit more with me, leave your FB messenger at the last question so I can add you up and we can have a chat!

Thanks and can't wait to see your questions~ Justine

** if you don't know what TBC is, it's the only blog about interning and job hunting for Filipino college students written by a (now graduated) college student. Read all about it at

So, what're your questions about job hunting? *
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If you've got suggestions, or comments on other topics to talk about that are kind of related to job hunting, drop them here!
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What can I create for you this year? *
A guide on how to write a cover letter, a step by step about setting up a Linkedin, me talking about my personal struggles with certain stuff, anything I can write for you, let me know~
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