Habitat for Humanity Spring Break Application

Thank you very much for considering volunteering with Habitat for Humanity during your spring break! Habitat's mission is to ensure that everyone in the world has a decent place to live. To accomplish that goal, Habitat for Humanity operates in over 70 countries providing affordable housing to those who have been affected by hardship.

In the United States, one of the best ways to get involved with Habitat for Humanity is through a Collegiate Challenge trip. On these trips, small groups of college students travel to various locations in order to help with the efforts of Habitat for Humanity affiliates with the greatest need. Your choice to help with one of these projects is extremely meaningful to those whom you are helping, and makes a big difference in the community.

Here at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, we participate in Collegiate Challenge trips every winter and spring break. Through these efforts as well as local work, we hope to fulfill Habitat's mission in our community and around the world.

This spring break, we are pleased to offer two great opportunities to get involved with Habitat for Humanity. We will be sending trips to work in Phenix City, AL and Marion, SC from March 19th to the 25th. The total trip fee is $300 which covers the cost of registration, most meals, transportation, and lodging.

If you would like to be considered for participation in this year's Spring Break Collegiate Challenge trips, please fill out this application and submit it before the due date of Friday, February 24, 2017 at midnight. All materials in this application are very important, so please look over all of the information carefully before you submit your application.

This application has six sections:
1. Personal Information
2. Trip Location Preference
3. Emergency Contact Information
4. Short Response Questions
5. Code of Conduct Agreement
6. Final Signatures

In addition, you will need to submit a $50 deposit to the Habitat office to complete the application process. This deposit can be submitted to the Habitat Office in the RSO complex on the second floor of the Illini Union, office number 266. Deposits can be either cash (in an envelope, labelled with your name) or check (made out to "UIUC Habitat for Humanity"). If you are selected to participate in the trips, this deposit will contribute toward your total trip fee. The total fees for each trip will be $300. Your deposit will be returned to you if you are not selected for a trip.