Pink Talking Fish Street Team

We're looking for fans who want to join our street team and are excited to spread the word about us coming to town. In exchange for your amazing efforts, we'll hook you up with spots on our guest lists and / or free merchandise!

*Hang posters in the high traffic areas of your city (always be sure to ask for approval from staff)
- Record stores
- Campuses
- Laundry mats (many have message boards)
- Head shops
- Pizza joints
- Coffee spots
- Bookstores
- Outside busy, hip restaurants
*Pass out handbills at like-minded show and events
*Join the official Facebook event, invite your friends and post link on your wall (tagging us and the venue if you can!)
*Promote the show on your social networks
*Send us a promo report of your efforts

*A list of all the places you hung the posters
*We always like to see pictures of your work, so please take a few pics while you're out
*Links or screenshots of at least 4 sites that you posted on about the show
*Anything else you did to promote and help spread the word

We'd like you to keep us updated about when you get your posters and how promo is going, but your full promo report must be sent back to us AT LEAST 2 days before the show. Even if you did all the work, IF A REPORT IS NOT SENT BACK, a guest list spot won't be given to you and you'll be super disappointed at the door. We need to be fair to everyone. PLEASE EMAIL ALL REPORTS TO:

If this sounds like something you’d want to be a part of, please fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you when we're coming to your city! If you have any questions or have any other promotional ideas, feel free to get a hold of us!

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