OpenMultiMed Training School, Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 23-27, 2019: Hands-on Data Analysis in Systems Medicine
Within COST Actions we strive for PhD, PostDoc, Early Career, Gender balanced and Science field balanced selection of the trainees. So we need your input. The data are not going to be shared with anybody.
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As you know, this TS is data analysis oriented TS. Do you intend to bring the data for analyses with you? *
Provide a short abstract of your dataset: source, size (#samples * # attributes), not more than 300 words. Put your name in the title of your abstract or at the start of the paragraph. *
What types of analyses do you anticipate/want to perform at the TS? List them in consecutive order. Consult TS description before listing them. *
Have you got any specific hypotheses for your data? *
At the start of the TS you will need to bring over your poster describing your work. Are you ready to bring it over and present during the icebreaker of the first day? In most cases this is the time when you meet new friends. *
At the end of the TS you will need to wrap up your analyses and results in a short 10 min presentation. Are you willing to present them? *
I want to publish a paper based on the results obtained within this TS. *
The idea of data oriented TS is to learn, analyze, produce results, draft basic conclusions and start preparing the manuscripts, including authorship specification. Do you accept the fact that some of the trainers might become eligible for co-authorship of your work based on the amount of invested work during and after TS? *
I only want to learn the techniques and not to produce publication in coauthorship (I do not want joint publication). *
Are you aware that COST Action has potential funds to cover your publication fees as high as 3000 EUR per publication in SCI, if you publish as joint publication (in coauthorship) with us? *
Your own issues that you want to give us a hint about: *
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