CLSD 2020-2021 Connectivity Survey
Why are we collecting new information?
The Ohio Department of Education encourages districts to use data-informed approaches to ensure that students receive high-quality instruction and services. Similarly, state-level data can play an important role in understanding equity issues and developing supports for districts, educators and students. At both the local and state level, the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the critical need to look at Opportunity to Learn data to help us understand and address the digital divide, as well as data on students’ remote learning experiences.

At a high level, what data is the Department collecting?
The Department will begin collecting information on two categories of data significant to students’ Opportunity to Learn during the pandemic and beyond:
1. Connectivity and Hardware Access: Access remains among the most significant needs for Ohio’s students
as they engage in remote and hybrid learning. By collecting information on access through EMIS, the Department will improve the completeness and accuracy of the state level data on access.
2. Education Delivery Models: During the 2020-2021 school year, students are learning through a variety of
education delivery models (e.g., 5-Day In-Person, Fully Remote, Hybrid).

How will this information be used?
The Department’s goal in collecting this information is to support districts, schools, and students. Data reported through EMIS will be used to
• Inform the use of state resources;
• Inform the state’s support, guidance, and policies;
• Encourage knowledge-sharing across districts and schools;
• Create tools and resources to support instruction; and
• Learn more about how the unique educational landscape in 2020-2021 affects students and educators, both short- and long-term.

These data will not be used
• For accountability purposes;
• As a factor in foundation payments; or
• To evaluate individual districts, schools, educators, or students.
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