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Island Surge Volleyball will hold sessions working to improve athletes’ techniques and Volleyball IQ.   These will be for experienced male and female players currently in grade 9 -11 only.   Bluefield High School 7pm to 8:30 pm  
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How to become a member of Volleyball PEI/Volleyball Canada
Volleyball Canada’s new online registration system is now open and ready for business!    The new system is through SportLomo so EVERYONE THAT REGISTERS IS A NEW USER.  

For the Island Surge programs,  you must have a RECREATIONAL player membership at minimum.    
To become a member, go to this link

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Reminder that this form is an expression of interst only.  
Filling this out, does not mean that the player is automatically in a session.   If and when an athlete is selected we will send the final preparation and payment instructions.  Any questions or concerns email
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