Student Application | UW-Madison Summer Dance Pre-Collegiate Invitational 2018
Please fill out this form and submit it no later than May 25, 2018. In order to secure your space, you must also fill out Liability and Media Release Forms and submit your fee payable to the UW-Madison Dance Department. See information on Fee and Forms below. Registration is $60 ($50 registration & $10 dinner on Friday).
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Fee and Forms
There is a $60 fee for each student participating in this event, which includes $50 registration and $10 dinner on Friday. This form and the fees must be paid no later than May 25, 2018.

Checks should be payable to: UW-Madison Dance Dept. Payment must be post-marked by the deadline.

You must also fill out a Liability and a Media Release Forms:

Send your payment and forms to: UW-Madison Dance Department, ATT: Pre-College, 1050 University Avenue, 421 Lathrop Hall, Madison, WI 53706.

Please indicate that you will submit your payment and forms by checking the appropriate boxes below. *
Note that option #3 is only available for dancers whose studio has won a choreographic award at the Midstates Festival.
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