Annual IFPTE Arthur Freitag Scholarship
The IFPTE Scholarship Program is dedicated to the support of continuing education, for academically qualified students in their first and second years of higher learning. These Scholarships are provided to assist with any costs associated with the recipients attending a college, university, or trade school. This Program is evidence of our commitment to both
community and higher education. Recognition is in the form of a $1000 check, with a subsequent $500 the following academic year (when a progress report is submitted).
Selection Criteria
1) Applicant must be a son or daughter of an IFPTE Local No. 12 member in good
standing. A son or daughter is defined as “by blood, by adoption, by marriage (step
children) or foster children in the member’s care”.
2) Applicant must be a graduating senior, including Washington Home School (WHO),
and have a grade point average of 2.8 or higher.
3) Applicant will provide satisfactory assurance of enrollment for the upcoming Fall
Quarter in any college, university, or trade school (of their choice).
4) Applicant must submit a written two-part essay between 300 and 500 words. The essay
is to be about the applicant, educational and/or career goals, and perspective of the world
around them. The first part is to include where the applicant is from and about their
school. The second part is to explain how the applicant plans to affect their community in
the future.
5) Applicant will provide an official copy of school transcripts.
However, all exceptions and/or circumstances (e.g., home school records) will be fairly
evaluated by the IFPTE Scholarship Committee.
6) Applicant must provide at least two letters of recommendation. One recommendation
should be from a teacher/school administrator and another from a community/organization

A copy of the applicant’s SAT/ACT scores is desirable; however, these are not mandatory.
A school type photo is optional for the application, but required if selected.

Application Due Dates
Submitted applications must be entered by May 17, 2019. Final selection will be made by May 31, 2019. Any application not submitted by May 17, 2019 will not be considered.

Second academic year awards will be awarded (June/July) when the recipients report back with a progress report of their school year activities. Second year awardees are expected to have maintained a grade point average of 2.8 or better. However, the Committee has the discretionary authority to consider all extenuating circumstances.

Any issues with this form, please email or call 360-476-4334.

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