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Thank you for your interest in adopting a horse rescued by Guardian Oak! To ensure each one of our horses finds a permanent and loving home, our application asks several detailed questions which are necessary for the screening process. Each horse has a set adoption fee depending on the horse's individual qualities, and GO reserves the right to refuse adoption. All information will be kept completely confidential between you and the adoption managers. This information helps us match you with the perfect rescued partner!

This adoption application will be kept on file for one year from application date. If your address, experience/comfort level, or other answers change during this time and you wish to pursue adoption, you must inform GO of the updated circumstances.
After you fill out this application, you should contact us to make an appointment to learn more about your horse(s) of interest and meet them on the farm. If and when you pursue adoption, you will sign a contract and put down a $100 holding fee. The remainder of adoption fees must be paid before the horse(s) leaves GO.

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Note that applications will be kept on file for one year from date received.
Adoption Preferences
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Name(s) of animal you are most interested in adopting
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Please state the reasons you wish to adopt this/these particular animal(s).
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Please describe the ideal horse that you would like to adopt, including breed, size, gender. Please note, often times GO cannot confirm whether or not a horse is registered.
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Please mark whether you are able to accept and care for a horse with the following limitations, check all that apply.
B5 *
When was the last time you handled and rode a horse, and in what context?
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Will you be a first time horse owner?
B7 *
If no, when did you own a horse, for how long, and if you were not the sole caretaker, who helped?
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If you currently own horse(s), please provide a description including but not limited to their age, gender, breed, usage and health status.
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B9 *
Who will be the primary handler and rider for a horse you adopt? Please describe their age, height, and weight.
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What type of riding and activities do you plan to do with your adopted horse? Check all that apply.
Provision for Horse Care
C12 *
Where will the horse be kept?
C13 *
Horse will be provided (Check all that apply.):
C14 *
Please describe your experience providing for equine nutrition, including what you plan to feed your adopted horse. Note that several adoptable horses have specific diets and they must continue on the same or a similar, appropriate diet.
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Reference Information
D15 *
Do you own or lease your property?
If lease, please provide your landlord's contact information
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D17 *
Please provide two references, not related to you, who can attest to your capability to care for an adopted horse of your desired qualities. Include name, contact number, city and state.
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D18 *
Please provide the names and contact information for you current veterinarian and hoof care professional. Include name, phone number, city and state.
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D19 *
Please provide the location where your horse will be kept as well as contact information for the person who will be responsible for the horse's care (i.e. barn manager). Include name, phone number, city and state.
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D20 *
Finally. how did you hear about Guardian Oak?
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Thank you!
If the form does not proceed to the Thank You screen, please review your answers - there will be a red note beside each required answer which has been left blank.
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