Women's Volleyball Summer Workouts Sign Up
Please fill this form out if you plan on attending summer workouts. You are not allowed to participate unless you have provided the information required. We are required to maintain social distancing and that starts with keeping participants to a specified number. Thanks for your understanding and Go Gators!!!
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I have registered on Register My Athlete for the 2020-21 season *
Form "E" from the NIAA must be printed and returned on the first day you attend summer workouts if you are a 10th, 11th or 12th grader that had a physical on file in Register My Athlete last year. All freshman are required to have a physical in order to participate and do not need to fill out Form "E". With this information, which of the following describes you? (See photo of NIAA Form "E". There are 2 pages) *
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I agree to wear a mask (face covering) at all times except when performing strenuous activity during the workout *
I agree to bring personal hand sanitizer and sanitize hands before, during and after workouts *
I agree to bring a personal water bottle to workouts and will not share with any other person *
I agree to bring a towel and a personal mat (if you have one. If not, bring two towels) *
I agree to perform a self health check prior to attending workouts (includes checking for Covid Symptoms, staying home if not feeling well and a temperature check) *
I have printed a copy of the Covid-19 Waiver for Summer Workouts and my parent/guardian and myself have signed where necessary. I agree to bring this to hand in to coaches on the first day of workouts. (See photo of page 1. There are 4 pages.) *
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