Sharing of Resources - CPB Activities
Dear teachers and officers,

If you have good contacts to conduct of CPB activities, we would like to invite you to share with us. We can contact them to work with St John HQ to co-organise the activities that will meet the badge criteria and negotiate for the reasonable price, to make it affordable for the cadets.

All you need to do is to fill up the following fields and provide some information. We will then contact them accordingly.

CPB Committee
St John Brigade, National Headquarters

Some tips before you begin...
You should recommend the company / vendor / organisation to us if:
1. The company you are recommending is not listed in the resources that we have already provided.
2. The CPB application(s) was/were previously awarded the badge for the activities organised by them.

Before you begin your recommendation, you should:
1. Find out the name of the company
2. Obtain the contact information (ie. Contact Person, Contact Numbers / Emails, Website)
3. Ask the company if they are registered with Gebiz.
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