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Should you need any assistance, please contact the TWU Office of Alumni Engagement via phone (940) 898-2586 or e-mail (alumniengagement@twu.edu).
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All Volunteers agree on the importance of protecting the privacy and security of the data they keep for themselves or have access to via Texas Woman’s University. This data may include sensitive data, which is a class of data that may be protected or restricted by law or contractual agreement, and/or prohibited from disclosure as a matter of course pursuant to Texas Woman’s University practice or policy. I understand my responsibility as a Texas Woman's University volunteer in protecting the confidentiality of TWU alumni data and information I receive and agree that all data will be used solely for the purposes as stated in each request or event. I agree to abide by these requirements and deal discreetly with confidential records and information which I have been or may become aware of in the course of volunteering with TWU. I agree to comply with all state and federal laws pertaining to the use of this information and understand that inappropriate disclosure of this confidential information will be dealt with in accordance with the regular due process of the University Advancement office. I will respect the right to privacy for alumni and avoid disseminating confidential information. If/When I no longer require access to the Alumni Data, I will return all such data in my possession to Texas Woman’s University, or in the alternative shall certify all data has been permanently erased or destroyed. I also agree to have my name, likeness, photograph or other visual representation, as well as any oral or written comments or statements made concerning TWU or its programs in any print, audio, visual or electronic medium, at the sole discretion of the University. This agreement will stand for all future volunteer events. I would like to be an alumni volunteer and agree to be contacted by Alumni Engagement regarding volunteering opportunities. *
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