Off the Rack February 16th, 2019
Only have few items you want to sell? Register for Off the Rack. You give us your items to sell at our Studio Kink Off the Rack table and pay a sales fee of 20% if your item sells. If your goods don't sell you take them back with nothing owed. You must fill out this form once for each item you wish to enter to 'Off the Rack'.
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You MUST register each item to be able to leave it at Off the Rack.You can drop your goods off at any time during the event. Unsold items must be picked up by event close. Off the Rack accepts cash only. You can pick up your cash once items have sold at any time during the event. Only the person registering the item can pick up the cash for sold items. A 20% commission is charge per sale. You can put any price on your items. While all care is taken, no responsibility for lost or damaged goods is accepted by Off the Rack or Studio Kink.
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