Southern Movement Media Fund Application
Press On is launching the Southern Movement Media Fund. The fund will bring much needed resources to Southern media makers and journalists practicing movement journalism, giving them the support they need to work alongside their communities and with each other and movement partners to co-create the conditions needed for a quality life.

The first two rounds of this fund will focus on documenting, reporting, and archiving the historic 2020 election, uprisings, and coronavirus pandemic from the perspective of marginalized and oppressed people in the South.

Round 1: Apply by 10/2 to receive funds by 10/30. CLOSED
Round 2: Apply by 10/23 to receive funds by 11/19.



We are currently accepting applications for funding for news and media production during and after the 2020 election. We are interested in projects including but not limited to: creative approaches to art activism and/or election engagement; cultural organizing efforts that include media production; efforts to archive, document, and spread the word about social movements; reporting on protest, uprisings, and social action; reporting on the impact of COVID-19 on voting access, mobilization efforts, education, work, food security, and health care access; reporting on voter disenfranchisement and obstacles to electoral participation; journalistic collaborations with social and racial justice organizations.

We will prioritize submissions by Black, Indigenous, people of color, queer, femme, trans, and gender non-conforming folks, immigrants and children of immigrants, and folks living in rural communities and urban areas underserved by local news and information. In the spirit of collaboration and because we believe collectivism is foundational to liberation, we welcome and encourage partnerships with community organizations and movement partners.


Grants may be requested by media organizations and individual media makers based in and reporting in one of the following 14 states: Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, and Georgia.

Organizations that apply must be based in the South. While we will consider applications from individual reporters based in the South who are publishing stories with a national outlet, we will not consider applications from national outlets directly.

Organizations that apply may be 501(c)3, fiscally sponsored projects, for-profit organizations, or unincorporated collectives or projects.

Submissions will be prioritized based on the following criteria:

1. Organizations and individuals pursuing creative approaches to documenting, archiving, and reporting on the 2020 election and the period to follow

2. Publishers and platforms who are serving and need resources for coverage focused on and/or for oppressed communities

3. Black, Indigenous, people of color, queer, femme, trans, and gender non-conforming folks, immigrants and children of immigrants, and folks living in rural communities and urban areas underserved by local news and information

4. Priority is given to community organizers and organizations, collectives, independent media, and freelance reporters

5. Organizations and individuals working in collaboration or partnership with Southern movement and community organizations.


Applications will be accepted for requests for grants of $5,000 for individuals and $15,000 for organizations. We will make funding decisions in two rounds. Round 1: Apply by 10/2 to receive funds by 10/30. Round 2: Apply by 10/23 to receive funds by 11/19. For-profit and nonprofit organizations, along with projects and individuals, are welcome to apply. The funds do not require submission of a budget; however, applications should describe how the funds will be used.


You will be asked to submit your contact information and basic info about your project and how you identify in the first section. In the second section, you will be prompted to email a written, audio, or video application based on the following instructions:

HOW TO SUBMIT: Email written documents to; for video and audio, upload files via Dropbox and share with Be sure to include your FIRST and LAST NAME and the words MOVEMENT MEDIA in the email subject line and file name.

FORMAT: You have the option to submit your responses in writing (.doc, .docx or .pdf format), OR using video (.mp4, .mpeg or .mov) OR audio (mp3).

WORD COUNT/LENGTH: For written responses, follow suggested word counts below; for video or audio responses, please keep your submission to seven minutes or less.

APPLICATION CONTENTS: Please answer the five questions below to help us understand the project you are looking to fund.

1. MISSION: In one to two paragraphs, please describe the project this funding will support. Please include your mission and/or the mission of your organization. (250 words or less)

2. OUTCOMES: What will you create and who will it reach? In one to two paragraphs, describe the outcomes of your project. Please specify the activities that this funding would support. (250 words or less)

3. MOVEMENT + ORGANIZING: In one paragraph, explain your connection to movement-building in the South and how this project will build on movements for justice. Please include any partnerships or collaborations this project will create or serve. (150 words or less)

4. CREATIVITY: What is different or unique about your project? In one paragraph, please describe how your approach is distinct from what’s already happening in your community. (100 words or less)

5. COMMUNITY + CAPACITY: In one paragraph, please describe the communities that you are serving with this project, and/or the communities you are a part of. Why are you/your team well-positioned to carry out this project? (150 words or less)

Any urgent questions can be directed to; please allow up to 48 hours for a reply.

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