Realtor Questionnaire
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Where are you having most of your success in your business right now? (lead gen, operations, negotiating, PR, etc)
Where are you having your biggest pain or challenge in the market right now?
Do you have a goal for how many families you want to help this year?
What are your three non-negotiables for personal or for business? (most important things, values)
What differentiates your business from other agents in the market?
What is the typical transaction size you work with?
What types of home buyers do you work with? (Demographics, industry of employment, etc)
How many people do you have in your database not including social media and what is your database strategy?
How many people do you have in your social media followers & how often do you do them?
What is your mix of second homes or investment properties that you sell?
What is your system for following up with your prospects regularly?
If you could change anything about the mortgage process, what would you change and why?
How often do you mail to them?
What is your birthday? (Just month and date is fine, not year)
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