IYLC Africa Participant Application
Application Process:
All applications must be submitted online with the form below.

For the purposes of group cohesion, each applicant will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

1. Educational level and area of study.
2. Command of English - You do not have to be a native English speaker, however, the IYLC is conducted in English.
3. Age - If you are older than 26, please consider attending as an observer.
4. Quality of short essays or professor recommendation.

Conference participants will be selected in a manner that ensures relative uniformity of educational levels, while providing for a high level of geographic diversity. All nationalities are welcome to apply.

Your essay should be a minimum of 300, but no more than 500 words long, and be based on your personal opinions, knowledge and experiences rather than acquired sources.

(If you have been nominated by a professor, you will not have to provide us with an essay. The nomination form can be found here: www.iylc.com/africa/nomination.php.)
(If you are applying as part of a group, then provide the Group Application reference number instead of providing an essay.)

Essay Topics
Please choose one topic out of the following:

Option 1. Since its inception, the United Nations Security Council has passed over 1800 resolutions aiming to tackle various security threats worldwide. However, the Council is still criticized by many sides for failing to carry through its mandate and to act effectively on global challenges under its jurisdiction. In your own words, please argue how effective or ineffective, in your opinion, the UNSC has been in this regard.

Option 2. In 1997 in the framework of the Millenium Project, the World Federation of UN Associations published "State of the Future" report, which identified 15 global challenges facing humanity, relating to the degradation of the environment, poverty, income inequality, transparency, democratic development, gender inequality, war, organized crime etc. Which of these challenges is/are the most pressing and relevant in your community, and why? If you were the key head figure in your country's government, what immediate decisions would you make to tackle these problems?

Option 3. What makes a good leader? Based on your own experiences as an aspiring young leader, which skills and qualities do you think will help you the most? Which skills do you feel need to be developed further?

Application Form:
IMPORTANT: The information you enter in this form goes directly into our database. Please make absolutely sure that all information, especially email and postal addresses, are accurate before submitting.

Please use proper capitalization and lower casing where appropriate (i.e. "Sali Cordoba", not "sali cordoba" or "SALI CORDOBA").

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Please note that only original essays will be considered. Essays will be checked for authenticity, therefore all references should be properly cited to avoid the denial of your application.
Please note that applicants nominated by academic staff are exempt from having to provide us with an essay.
TOPIC: Please choose one of the three available essay topics above. LENGTH: 300 - 500 words. *
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