Club Ratification Form
You want to start a new club or re-ratify? That is awesome! Make sure to read the club handbook (link below).

By submitting this form you agree to the following terms:

1. Operate the club in such a manner that it will not contravene the Constitution, Bylaws, or Polices
of the ULSU, and the rules that govern the University of Lethbridge.
2. Be bound by the individual Right Protection Act, and by the Canadian Charter of Rights and
3. Be bound by any rulings of the General Assembly of the ULSU.
4. Be responsible for the maintenance and security of Club space such as offices and SU101E,
including keys assigned by the ULSU.

By submitting this form you also agree and acknowledges that:

1. Any abuse of space and/or other benefits extended by the ULSU to the club shall be the club’s
and the club’s members alone.
2. At the discretion of the ULSU, any duly authorized member of the General Assembly and/or duly
authorized employee of the ULSU has the right to immediately suspend those privileges as a
result of the abuse of space and/or other benefits extended by the ULSU.
3. The club will obtain insurance at its’ own expense for any off-campus events (if applicable) and
show due diligence for the safety of club members and participants as required by the ULSU.

Lastly by submitting this form you acknowledge that you have read the Constitution, Club Bylaws, and Clubs policies of the ULSU and agree to all terms and conditions imposed by these documents and the above.

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