SMIA Research: Skills Gaps and Development Needs of Music Industry Practitioners in Scotland (2019)
The Scottish Music Industry Association (SMIA) exists to represent and develop Scotland's music industry. In partnership with the University of Strathclyde, we are currently undertaking research into the current skills gaps and development needs of our industry in order to ensure our services, projects and events are needs-led and provide as much impact and benefit as possible.

We invite all individuals working in any capacity in Scotland's music industry to complete the below survey to help inform our future activities. We understand that many of you are very busy, so we sincerely thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this for us.

The first 50 people to complete this survey will win free Core Membership of the SMIA for a year, beginning 8 July 2019 and ending on 8 July 2020. Everyone who completes this survey will also be entered into a prize draw to win a pair of Sennheiser HD 25 headphones. Winners will be notified by email on Monday 13 May 2019.

Please note, all responses to this survey are confidential and all findings will be anonymised when a report is published. The deadline for completing this survey is midnight on Friday 10 May.

For more information about the SMIA and our services, projects and events, please visit

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How much of your annual income is generated from music industry activities? *
If some of your income is generated from out-with music industry activities, where does the rest of your income come from?
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From the categories below, which sub-sector(s) of the music industry best describe your work? Please select all that apply. *
If you have selected more than one sub-sector of work and/or you currently undertake more than one role within the music industry, what is your reason for doing so?
Taking into account all of your roles/occupations (music industry or otherwise), how much leisure/personal time do you have per week? *
Are you happy with the amount of leisure/personal time you currently have? *
Taking into consideration the income you earn from all your occupations (music industry or otherwise), what best describes your current financial situation? *
How well trained do you feel you are for the occupations and responsibilities you are currently handling in the music industry? *
Have you undertaken any music industry training in the last 12 months? *
If you answered yes, please specify what training you have undertaken.
Are you aware that the SMIA is currently delivering an innovation-led development programme, funded by Creative Scotland, that is designed to help nurture business talent and build business support capacity in Scotland's music industry? *
Are you interested in music industry training from the SMIA? *
If you selected yes, what kind of training interests you? Please select all that apply.
If you could pick three music industry/business skills topics to receive training on, what would they be?
From your experience of working in Scotland's music industry, how well trained would you say the industry generally is? *
Inadequately trained
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What do you think is the biggest challenge for music practitioners working in Scotland in 2019? *
What do you think is the biggest opportunity for music practitioners working in Scotland in 2019? *
Above anything else, what one thing would help you most with regard to your music industry activities? *
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