xMinds Educator Grant Application
Our mission at Partnership for Extraordinary Minds (xMinds) is to improve the educational experiences and outcomes of the autistic students in Montgomery County. To advance this mission, xMinds is offering grants to help motivated MCPS teachers, para-educators, administrators, and related service providers pursue research-based trainings and/or purchase curricular materials to enable them to better support autistic students.

Individual grants in the range of $50 to $500 will be awarded on a rolling basis by the xMinds Educator Support Committee, who will select the recipients from the applications received.

The Committee will, in its sole discretion, determine which applications to grant, considering the Board’s assessment of both the quality of the training or materials requested and the applicant’s potential to make use of them to advance the mission of xMinds.

Application Requirements:
1) Provide a clear, detailed explanation of how you will utilize the training/materials to improve the educational experiences and/or outcomes of students on the autism spectrum with whom they work.

2) State the needs of the students with whom the educator works and specify how the training/materials will be used to enhance your work with the students.

3) Provide an invoice (if seeking direct pay from the grant) or a receipt showing proof of payment (if seeking reimbursement) to the xMinds Educator Support Committee Chair, Dr. Kim Pinckney-Lewis (kim.pinckneylewis@gmail.com).

4) Any applicant who ultimately receives a grant will be REQUIRED to provide feedback to xMinds after they complete their training or receive curricular materials. xMinds will contact the grant recipient with a short survey to learn how he/she has been able to use the training or materials.

QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS PROCESS? Please contact the xMinds Educator Support Committee Chair, Dr. Kim Pinckney-Lewis (kim.pinckneylewis@gmail.com).
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Please explain in detail how you will use the requested training or curricular materials to improve the educational experiences and outcomes of students on the autism spectrum (minimum 50 words; maximum 300 words). Please include in your response the nature of your students' needs and how the requested training or materials will be used to benefit them. *
If awarded a grant, do you agree to complete a feedback survey to share how you have implemented the training and/or material(s) into your work? *
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