Unhealthy Eating Habits Amongst Teenagers
Good day, we are a group of students from Catholic Junior College who are conducting a survey to fulfill a part of our Project Work coursework. This survey gives us a clearer understanding of the reasons teenagers aged 13-15 years old have unhealthy eating habits.

Your individual responses & identifies will be kept confidential, and be only used in aggregate form for academic purposes.

This survey will take you no more than 5 minutes to complete

It would be great if you can enter your email address so that our group can clarify some doubts with you, however if you are not comfortable with that, you can just enter a random email on the email address section.

We Look Forward To Your Responses, Thank You!
Are you open to trying out healthy food if you have not done so? *
Do you like to eat junk food, fast food and sugary food/beverages? If so, why? *
How often do you eat sugary food/ beverages, junk food and fast food? *
How often do you eat fruits and vegetables? *
Do you eat the extra serving of fruit that comes together with the canteen meals in your school? *
Do you know what a healthy diet consists of and its importance? *
What do you think is the importance of a healthy diet?
How often do you maintain a healthy diet in a week? (An ideal healthy diet consists of 2 serves of fruit; 5 serves of vegetables; 4 to 5 serves of grains; 2½ serves of meat/poultry; 2½ to 3 serves of dairy every day,) *
From where or whom do you obtain information on healthy diet from? (Put "." if you are not sure) *
What is your favourite meal below $10? *
Are you aware of any healthy eating programmes held in your schools? If so, name one such programme. *
Our group has proposed a solution targeted at children only. It is a mobile game with various daily tasks that teaches and promotes healthy eating habits to them. It will be based upon an honesty system. Daily tasks could vary such as following recipes of healthy meals, switching junk food for a healthy snack for a day or even cook a healthy meal with his/her family. Do you think that this proposed solution will be effective in helping young children (aged 13-15) pick up new healthy eating habits? *
Why or Why not? *
How else do you think we can help/support promoting healthy eating habits to young children (aged 13 to 15)? *
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