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Thank you for your interest in being featured on Renee's Author Spotlight. These spotlights are for speculative fiction authors only.

SEND IMAGES TO: After filling out the form please send me any graphics you'd like to include (up to 4) in your feature, such as a bio pic, book cover, and other artwork or images related to your feature (either JPEG or PNG format). You can email them to me at:

ONE TITLE ONLY: Please only fill the form out for one title at a time. If you want more than one title featured, you will need to fill out a separate form and choose another date for the feature. If you wish to promote your entire series with one spotlight, please contact me first:

IMPORTANT: Only fill out this form if all of your information, links and images are ready (unless you've made prior arrangements with me). Unfortunately, I've had too many issues with people not getting their info to me on time, so I won't accept partially filled out forms anymore. I do this for free in my spare time to help my fellow authors, and I simply don't have time to continuously chase people for their information.

FEATURES (You will only be allowed to CHOOSE ONE of the features below):

~ Excerpt (must be 500 words or less): These must be PG rated. I will read your excerpt before booking your spotlight. If it has anything inappropriate for young audiences, I will ask you to resubmit the form. This may result in you losing your desired date, so please be sure to edit your excerpt or choose one that is already PG.

~ Guest Posts (must be 500 words or less): I only accept guest posts that are related to writing or the work you are featuring in your spotlight. Here are some ideas to consider:
* Share your knowledge about writing, editing, book marketing and promotion, and self-publishing.
* Share your personal writing experiences (i.e. winning your first award/contest, publishing your first book, winning NaNoWriMo, etc.)
* Write a short bio about your favorite character.
* Write a story about meeting one of your characters in real life.
* Write a story about a character from your book meeting a character from another of your books.
* These are just ideas... use your imagination and have fun!

~ Interviews: I do both author and character interviews. The forms are provided below:

INTERVIEW FORMS (Fill these out ONLY if you are electing to do one of these interviews for your feature):

Author Interview:
Character Interview:

~ Short Story/Flash Fiction: You can write a short story or flash fiction involving characters from your book. I will only publish the full story if it's under 500 words. Alternatively, you can publish the first 500 words of the story in your feature, and I'll add a link to your website or blog where they can read the story in full. This is a good way to get visitors to your site or blog from the spotlight.

AVAILABLE DATES: Choose as many dates as you like from the choices below and I'll pick the first available date from that list. If the ones you choose are no longer available, you'll be booked in for the next available date. Beginning with the September dates, only Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be available for spotlights.

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You can include a head shot, book cover, character sketches, and media graphics related to your book. I include up to 4 images in the spotlight.
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