Legion Zine Application Form
This application form is for participation in a Legion fanzine commemorating the completion of the TV series, to be released in early 2020. A fanzine is a collection of fan art, fic, and other works in magazine form.

We will send you a welcome e-mail containing format requirements and due dates. E-mail will be our primary way of contacting you, so please remember to check your e-mail!
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Creator Name *
Name to be used for crediting your submissions. Can be a pen name/pseudonym/username.
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Social Media *
Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter/AO3/others account username(s) that you usually use to post your works. Could be more than one social media. These links will also be used to credit your submissions. Format: (social media): (social media username) (ex/: instagram: peribawang)
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What would you like to contribute? You may contribute multiple items of the same type. *
If you're submitting an art piece, do you give permission for it to be used as the cover? *
Final selection for the cover will be made by the zine team.
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