SGPD Active Shooter Scenario
SGPD Active Shooter Drill
You will be role playing victims during an active shooter training exercise put on by the St George Police. This is a great service to the community and can be fun.

If you sign up, make sure you fill out the SGPD Active shooter Volunteer form or you won't participate. Also check your email afterwards because a waiver is going to be sent through your email.

When: June 6th and 13

Time: 1500 for those requiring make-up
1600 for those participating in other ways.

Where: George Washington Academy 2277 S 3000 E St George, UT 84790

Lunch provided (Chick-Fil-A)

Role players will be utilized in various stages of the training, depending on their desire and ability to handle the role they seek. We have a great team of Moulage artists who make this training look as real as possible. We will also need volunteers to simply be in the school to simulate victims who may be hiding, injured or to create outright chaos! If you have someone under 18 years of age who wants to assist, please make sure they are mature enough to handle what they may see, hear and experience. The training is very realistic and can be overwhelming to some. However, I know those who have helped in the past found the training to be reassuring in how Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire and other first responders handle these major incidents.

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