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Welcome to the family!
There are so many people out there who, just like you, like being involved and being part of a team that builds an exciting atmosphere at university.

There are always plenty of opportunities to get involved so make sure you keep an eye on the MSA website, the MSA Volunteering emails and the Facebook page.

If you have any questions, send an email to msa-volunteering@monash.edu and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

All MSA volunteers recieve reward points for their time. For more information go to: https://msa.monash.edu/volunteers/all-programs/about-volunteering/
If you recieve over 30 points, you will recieve a volunteer certificate.
Points are reset to 0 on the last day of exams every year.

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Opportunities are currently advertised through the MSA Volunteering emails, the MSA Volunteering Facebook page and the MSA Volunteering website. If we need volunteers within a two week period you will be contacted according to your preferences below.
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MSA Volunteer Policy
Read the below or follow the link for a PDF: http://msa.monash.edu/app/uploads/2017/04/Volunteer-Policy-2014.pdf

1 Purpose

1.1 Monash Student Association (MSA) believes that volunteering is a practical and productive
way to engage the community with the organisation and improve its services to all students.
1.2 Volunteering opportunities can help with professional and personal development and let
students have fun, meet new people, and have a break away from studies. The main purpose
of volunteer work is to benefit the MSA which is a not-for-profit organisation.
1.3 The Volunteer Policy supports volunteers who assist MSA by performing voluntary work
without the expectation of monetary compensation. They do work which is not performed by
MSA's paid workforce.

2 Insurance

Volunteers are not covered by MSA's workers compensation insurance. MSA is not obliged to
take out personal injury insurance for volunteers. Volunteers are covered by MSA's public
indemnity insurance for accidental damage caused to other parties but not for wilful or negligent
damage caused by volunteers.

3 How do students become MSA Volunteers?

3.1 Students can become a volunteer by signing up to be a current Volunteer on the MSA
Volunteering website below.
3.2 Registration forms will be reviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator. References may be
checked and if the position involves working with children, child protection checks will be
3.3 A Working with Children’s check must be completed and a copy given to the Volunteer
Coordinator before any volunteer work with children is undertaken.
3.4 The MSA Volunteer agreement must be completed and a copy given to the Volunteer
Coordinator before any Volunteer work is undertaken.

4 Rights and Responsibilities of MSA Volunteers

4.1 Volunteers have the right to:
(a) work in a healthy and safe environment;
(b) be engaged in accordance with equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation;
(c) be paid out of pocket expenses;
(d) be provided with a copy of the MSA Volunteer Policy and other relevant policies and
procedures and treated with fair process;
(e) have access to a grievance resolution procedure; and
(f) be provided with appropriate induction and training for their volunteer role.
4.2 Volunteers assisting MSA have a responsibility to:
(a) sign MSA's Volunteer Agreement;
(b) adhere to MSA policies and procedures;
(c) attend induction and training programs;
(d) self-monitor their hours of volunteering and make sure that they do not volunteer for
activities which would mean they spend more than 40 hours a week in work, study and
volunteering activities combined, as this could cause fatigue and lead to safety risks;
(e) work under the supervision and direction of an MSA employee;
(f) protect MSA's confidential and sensitive information;
(g) attend on time and perform their volunteer work in a reliable manner; and
(h) advise MSA if they will be late or are unable to attend.

5 Statement of MSA’s Responsibilities to Volunteers

MSA will:
(a) interview and engage volunteers in accordance with anti-discrimination and equal
opportunity legislation;
(b)provide volunteers with orientation, training and supervision during their voluntary work;
(c) provide volunteers with a healthy and safe environment;
(d)develop clear role statements;
(e) apply relevant policies and procedures; and
(f) reimburse any expenses incurred with prior authority of MSA.

6 Volunteer Reward Program

MSA has developed a volunteer reward program to recognise the contribution of volunteers.
Rewards are given as honoraria. Rewards are a token payment made to express gratitude,
symbolise respect and confer distinction. Rewards are not a substitute for wages. Volunteers
may accept or decline rewards. Refer to the MSA Volunteering: Volunteer Reward Program for
more details.

7 Disclosure

Volunteers are required to advise their supervisor if they are being investigated for any crime or
have been charged with any criminal offence that is relevant to their voluntary work. Each time a
volunteer takes on a new volunteering role, the volunteer must disclose any medical conditions,
illness or injury that may affect their capacity to perform their voluntary work.

8 Concerns and Grievances

Volunteers have the right to express grievances, concerns or dissatisfaction. The MSA Complaints
Handling Procedure should be followed. If possible, volunteers should raise concerns with the
volunteer's supervisor. If volunteers feel uncomfortable doing so, they can arrange to speak with
the Volunteer Coordinator or a member of the MSA Executive.
(a) All grievances will be dealt with sensitively and as quickly as possible.
(b) Volunteers may have a support person present at any discussions.
(c) Confidentiality and privacy will be maintained at all times.
9 Improving Placements and Termination of Engagement
9.1 In some situations, MSA might consider that a particular volunteer placement is not
beneficial. In such cases, MSA will discuss its concerns with the volunteer. In order to
improve the placement, MSA may request that a volunteer undertake additional training or
may re-assign the volunteer to another area or volunteer position. In some limited cases, MSA
may decide to terminate the volunteer engagement.
9.2 MSA may terminate volunteers' engagements at its absolute discretion and/or if volunteers
fail to comply with the provisions of this Volunteer Policy, their volunteer agreement, any
relevant legislation and all other policies and procedures which apply to their engagement as a

10. Related Policies and Procedures
Volunteer Agreement
MSA Complaints Handling Procedure
MSA Volunteering: Volunteer Reward Program

11. Version History

Current Version
Author: Jacqui Burchell
MSC Approval: 16/2014; 17/12/2016
Review Date: December 2016

Prior Versions
Author: M & K Lawyers
HR Subcommittee Approval: 18/06/2012
MSC Approval: 3/2012; 22/06/2012
Review Date: June 2014

I have read and agree to the MSA Volunteer Policy in the link below *
MSA Volunteer Agreement
Acknowledgement and Agreement
1. I understand and agree that I will be engaged as a volunteer and will not be paid for my services.
2. I understand and agree that I will work under the supervision and direction of an MSA manager or supervisor, and that I must obey all lawful directions given to me by my direct line manager or supervisor.
3. I understand and agree that I will not be covered by MSA's workers' compensation insurance.
4. I understand that I may be personally liable for deliberate or negligent damage caused while engaged as a volunteer.
5. I acknowledge that fatigue is a safety concern and that I should only attend volunteering activities well-rested. I will not take part in volunteer activities which would result in me spending more than an aggregate of 40 hours a week in work, study and volunteering activities.
MSA Volunteer Agreement Page | 2
6. I have read MSA's Volunteer Policy and agree to comply with it and any legislation and other MSA and Monash University policies and procedures which apply during my engagement as a volunteer.
7. I agree not to disclose any confidential or sensitive information to any person without authorisation from MSA.
8. I understand that MSA may terminate my engagement at its absolute discretion or if I fail to comply with the provisions of MSA's Volunteer Policy, this Volunteer Agreement, any relevant legislation or any MSA or Monash University policies and procedures which apply during my engagement as a volunteer.
9. As a matter of courtesy, to terminate this agreement, I will give 48 hours notice before any scheduled volunteer session.
MSA Volunteer Agreement. I certify that the information above is true and correct: *
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