Speed & Agility Camps Summer 2023

Everyone knows that being quick and fast will change the way you play, but what are you doing to get better?

Most coaches and trainers have their athletes go out and JUST RUN. They get on the line and sprint on the whistle. Then they go back and do it again.

Does it work? Sometimes. But that's usually because the athlete is naturally fast.

What they're really doing is practicing bad habits over and over which actually makes them slower in the long run.

The athlete feels like they're working hard but getting nowhere.

So what's the solution?

It's all about learning how to be efficient.

Instead of just running sprint after sprint after sprint...

You need to learn how to move in the most efficient way possible.

You have to understand HOW the body moves and what forces are working around you...

So you can run faster, change direction smoother and react quicker.

Introducing my one of a kind COMPASS SYSTEM.

After spending years studying under the best in the business, I developed my own unique system.

I've spent decades testing and perfecting it with THOUSANDS of athletes at ALL LEVELS.

It's helped produce Super Bowl Winners, Pro Bowlers, All Pros, All-Stars, College Champions, and Tewaaraton Award Winners. 

I've used it in my work with NFL, NBA and professional lacrosse players as well as Division 1 Top 5 and Final Four teams.

I don't say this lightly...NO ONE ELSE IS TEACHING THIS!!!

How do I know? Because I built it myself and I haven't given it to anyone but my athletes!

With this system, you'll be able to run faster than you've run before, stop on a dime, change direction, then explode again.

Simply put...your opponent won't be able to keep up!

If you're tired of your opponent beating you...

If you're done finishing anything less than first...

If you're ready to be the fastest, quickest and most dominant athlete...


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Camp Details
Camps will be held in Shrewsbury, Stewartstown and Red Lion 2x/wk for 8 weeks (It's recommended to attend the full 8 weeks but there are options if you can only attend part of the time).

Shrewsbury: Miller Park - Mondays and Wednesdays at 9am starting June 5th

Stewartstown: Hopewell Area Recreation Complex - Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am starting June 6th

Red Lion: Coming Soon! - Monday and Wednesday evenings starting June 12th

Based on feedback and requests, we have multiple packages available for those who can't make it to all of the sessions.

For teams registering 10 or more athletes, we offer a 10% discount for each of those athletes.

If you have any questions about any part of the camp including cost, please send an email to Chris@GetFastGetQuick.com

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