Woodland Hills School District – Edgewood Elementary STEAM Academy Title I Home/School Compact 2020-21
Academic growth for each child is the joint responsibility of the school and the home. A strong partnership between the school and families is necessary to insure academic improvement and that the interests of all parties are served. To achieve this partnership, it is important that we develop and maintain a program of communication and cooperation between the home and the school. This agreement is a first step in that program.

The administration and teaching staff will:
1. Plan and teach with the knowledge of the individual needs of each child.
2. Reinforce/strengthen each child’s reading/math concepts and skills.
3. Regularly communicate with parents/caregivers regarding their child’s progress.
4. Organize and notify parents/caregivers of opportunities to discuss the program and contribute suggestions for improvement.

My child’s school years are very important. I agree that his/her achievement and attitude will be enhanced by my participation. Therefore, to the best of my ability, I will:

1. Make sure my child gets enough sleep each night.
2. Make sure my child is at school on time.
3. Give my child a quiet place to study and/or do homework.
4. Review my child’s assignments/work with him/her daily.
5. Check that my child’s homework is completed.
6. Spend at least 15 minutes a day reading to/with my child.
7. Regularly communicate with my child’s teachers.

I plan to attend at least two parent events such as Open House, Conferences, PTA meetings, Title I meetings, and/or Building Steering Committee meetings.
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