Adult Scholarship Application
South Bend Civic Theatre’s mission and core value is that every human, no matter financial situation or status, should be able to experience and grow through arts education. Through the generosity from patrons, local organizations, and grants we are pleased to offer scholarships to interested students who need financial assistance with class tuition.

 If your family’s household income is less than $55,000, you are eligible to apply for financial assistance for South Bend Civic Theatre’s classes and camps. Please note that awards may be available at a higher income level, however priority is given to families with incomes below $55,000. Proof of previous year’s annual income in the form of a free/reduced lunch certificate from the school, a tax return, or current pay stubs must be provided if requested by the South Bend Civic Theatre administration.

 Since Funds are limited, scholarships are awarded on a first come first serve basis.

 If scholarships run out for a session, students will be placed on a waiting list to receive tuition assistance once funds become available.

 Scholarship assistance will be only eligible for one student, one class, and one session at a time. If you would like to register for an additional class, an additional session, or another member in your household, complete your first order including payment. If scholarship funds are still available after all eligible participants have been finalized for the session, you may register additional students or classes utilizing scholarship funds.

 South Bend Civic Theatre believes that each participant should demonstrate a level of commitment to the program.

 SBCT rarely offers 100% scholarship because we want those participating to “buy into” the program. Even though a student may only be required to pay a reduced amount as low as $15.00, we believe that this amount shows a shared commitment to the work.

 Special circumstances are always considered in any final decisions when it comes to offering financial assistance.
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